Flex 4, Flash Builder 4 Training In Las Vegas

Flex 4, Flash Builder 4 Training In Las Vegas

We are delivering a series of Flex classes in Las Vegas in two weeks in June.  All classes can be taken individually, or together as a "Flex Bootcamp".

Anyone interested please contact training[at]halcyonSolutions.net

All classes can also be delivered onsite at your location on dates of your choosing.. (Discounts on groups of 4 or more.)  On request we can also provide custom online deliveries via the Internet.

All classes will use Flash Builder 4.

The classes will be:


Flex 4: Developing Rich Internet Applications (4 days)
Tuesday, June 8 to Friday, June 11


Note:  Following classes will use Flash Builder 4.

Flex and LiveCycle Data Services: Integrating with Data and Messaging (2 days)
Monday, June 14 and Tuesday, June 15
Note:  We are working with Adobe to get approved as a first in the nation to deliver instead of this class, a newly revised version of this course entitled "Flex 4 and LiveCycle Data Service 3: Data Models, Debugging and Design Patterns"

Flex: Building Charting & Dashboard Applications (2 days)
Wednesday, June 16 and Thursday, June 17

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